BlueInsights offers short term strategy consultancy services that leverage our
expertise in information exchange & discovery and in social communities.

Many organizations are rethinking their business in light of the opportunities
presented by the internet. New web concepts, from o
nline communities to mass
collaboration, have the potential to transform the interaction between an
organization and its employees, partners and customers. Improved interaction
changes the dynamics of an organization and leads to more effective business
processes. In the coming years, many organizations will change the way they
invent, produce, market and distribute their products and services*.

We assist companies in:
  • gaining an understanding of the impact of new web trends on their
    business environment
  • identifying opportunities to capitalise on these trends
  • defining next steps; assessing current competencies and forming necessary

In addition to our own expertise we offer access to a network of experienced e-
strategy and industry professionals.
"The new forms of mass
collaboration are changing how
goods and services are invented,
produced, marketed, and
distributed on a global basis. This
change presents far-reaching
opportunities for every company
and for every person who gets

*Wikinomics - Don Tapscott
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