Our vision is to take information discovery to the next level: merging search with
network characteristics and leveraging the trusted network of users as an
information delivery channel.

Our new venture is an online knowledge platform that enables medical specialists
to discover relevant information through their peer network. The platform aims to
reduce the time specialists spend searching for and evaluating information online
(on average 10 hours per week and increasing) by leveraging the users’ trusted
network as an information filter.

Specialists use the service to manage their own information (articles, procedures,
images, etc.) in their personal library and selectively share items with their peers.
It supports specialists’ daily knowledge management needs related to patient
care and medical research. It can also facilitate other activities such as teaching
specialists in training and practices such as evidence-based medicine.

The service not only connects specialists with their trusted peers for the purposes
of discovering relevant information, it also enables them to interact with medical
societies and their members. This allows specialists to seamlessly tap into the
knowledge exchange of their specialty’s broader community.

BlueInsights is interested in connecting with like-minded people who feel they can
make a unique contribution to the development and growth of this platform.
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info (at) blueinsights.com.
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